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Astrologer Susan Miller will be back in December!

She receives more hits than any other guest on Breaking Through.  I am proud to say my friend and Astrologer Susan Miller will be back in December!  You can tune in to our past shows together by typing Susan Miller in the search box on, but here is a glimpse into what makes her so special!  Stay tuned for exciting news about Susan Miller by signing up for the Breaking Through Newsletter located on the right sidebar of

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Ask And You Will Succeed – Interview With Ken Foster

This week on Breaking Through - Ken Foster  -kenfoster
October 27, 2009 – 8PM EST

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In this week’s show we will be revisiting the interview with Kenneth D. Foster, best selling author of “Ask and You Will Succeed, 1001 Extraordinary Questions to Create Life-Changing Results“,  unlocks the secret to success: knowing what questions to ask about yourself, your career and your future. This was a fantastic interview so if you missed it the first time round be sure to tune in!

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The Lavish Cheapskate – Interview with Ardy Skinner

This week on Breaking Through - Ardy Skinner -ardyskinner
October 20, 2009 – 8PM EST

Breaking Through with Georgiann - Interview with Ardy Skinner

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Ardy Skinner knows, through personal experience, how to weather the economic storm and come out on top. She’s a Lavish Cheapskate, a new breed of cheapskate that has accomplished “lavish liberation” by using more ingenuity than money, more passion than experience, and more focused mindset than mainstream financial investing. And in her new book, The Lavish Cheapskate, Everyday Strategies to Free Up Money and Recession-Proof Your Life, Skinner helps people from all walks of life launch and build a recession-proof life which leads to liberation, one case-scenario comparison at a time (with hard numbers to show the outcome).

“A tough economy is a blessing for your personal financial mindset. Having a limited income forces you to become conscious of everyday spending and to become acutely aware of what money is for. That’s where the true meaning of money emerges; the perception that is the foundation to personal success in all areas of life.”

Skinner adds that in an uncertain economy, double-income families are at unusually high risk, because knowing their bare-minimum isn’t on their agenda. And when the economy turns around again, it is the Lavish Cheapskates that will become more successful by maintaining these daily principles.”

Packed with practical advice straight from the trenches, The Lavish Cheapskate is a do-it-now guide to recession proof your life, even if you’re at the threat of losing a job. In her book, Skinner defies conventional methods, citing that the “coupon-savings plan” in the grocery store is a “waste of time and money” and calls them “spending stimulation tickets.” She explains how any household can free up more money by abandoning them—and leveraging that money to recession-proof life.

Here is Ardy on CBS Affiliate KRQE News giving advice on grocery shopping..

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Did You Know?

You may not know as much as you thought you did.  So what does all this mean?  I would say we are experiencing more breakthroughs than we ever imagined!

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