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Healing From Afar

This Week on Breaking Through  - L.D. Porterlarry
February 01, 2011 – 8PM EST

Breaking Through with Georgiann - Interview with L. P. Porter

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In the tradition of noted healers such as Dean Kraft and Soloman Wickey, psychic healer LD Porter has provided extraordinary cases of physical healing. Over the last 10 years, LD has contributed to the successful outcomes for clients with severe cases of cancer, tumors, respiratory illness, and body structural issues. LD’s healing process is unique – he doesn’t touch a clients body and uses only mental thought to affect healing. LD has presented workshops at the Whole Expo Healing Fairs, the UFO Watchtower, and the Centers for Spiritual Living. The videos on his YouTube channel have been viewed over 100,000 times. LD Porter is the primary subject of Dr. Michael R. Smith’s research project on paranormal healing. Dr. Smith’s case study interviews with LD’s clients are available for listening here.
Join Georgiann and LD for this in depth show into your body!

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Are You Fearless?

This Week on Breaking Through  - Jacqueline Walesjaqueline
January 25, 2011 – 8PM EST

Breaking Through with Georgiann - Interview with Jacqueline Wales

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Remarkably successful people understand the importance of leveraging key resources for supreme results. The Fearless Factor is the silver bullet of success.

Leveraging The Fearless Factor entitles you to tackle challenging terrains with clear insight and decisiveness that gets results. Whether it’s learning how to get out of your own way, the new promotion you’re seeking, or the fresh initiative you want to implement within your company, The Fearless Factor is the catalyst for that change for those who want to fulfill their potential.
At age 9, Jacqueline Wales learned how to motivate people while sitting on the steps of her tenement building in Scotland advising neighborhood children how to stay out of fights.
The skills of negotiation, focus, discipline and commitment  she developed throughout her life are the strengths that Jacqueline brings to her work as a speaker, author and coach.
Join Georgiann and Jacqueline and say yes to the most important asset in your life…YOU!
Check out Jacqueline’s website here

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She’s a Real Dr Doolittle!

This Week on Breaking Through  - Maia Kincaidmaia
January 18, 2011 – 8PM EST

Breaking Through with Georgiann - Interview with Maia Kincaid

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As a child Maia Kincaid spent much of her time living in the world of nature, communicating with animals, plants, insects and the earth. Being highly sensitive she felt the emotional and physical well being of the humans and animals around her.

When a dear friend was challenged with a health problem Maia had an intimate understanding and sense of what this was like. Apart from viewing the physical body she was able to feel the emotions that were stored and see how they contributed to the physical challenges.She literally felt the discomfort, which propelled her into a journey of self discovery to understand what she was feeling. She also came to realize that she could receive information from people and animals from all parts of the planet, without having previously met them or having them in her presence.

The desire to understand these gifts and the responsibilities involved, perhaps inspired her great interest over the years in holistic wellness, in particular how to nourish the body, mind and spirit.
Join Georgiann and Maia to hear her incredible story and maybe get some insight on your pet’s behavior!  Click here to visit her website and learn more about Maia!

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Creating a Shift in Your Life

This Week on Breaking Through  - Barbara Joyebarbarajoyce
January 11, 2011 – 8PM EST

Breaking Through with Georgiann - Interview with Barbara Joye

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When Barbara Joye suffered a major loss in 1994, she had no idea that loss would lead her to her true calling; Assisting individuals, audiences and groups to challenge their limiting beliefs through past life regression therapy and angel readings.

Through this event she had somehow opened to the world of spirit, the world of The Divine. This idea so terrified her that she retreated back to corporate life, a safe place to hide. But The Divine had other plans for Barbara.

While evolving into the “Shift Guru”, Barbara offers, “I have always been a coach whether in my position in business or as a friend and mentor, so becoming a belief coach was an easy transition. While Life Coaching was the first healing modality I used, I quickly became certified as a Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression Therapist and Between Life Regression Therapist. From a synthesis of these modalities I created “Wisdom Connections.”

Join Georgiann and Barbara and get starting becoming your own “Shift Guru.”  Click here to visit Barbara Joye’s website.

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What’s In Store for 2011?

This Week on Breaking Through  - Susan Millersusanm
January 04, 2011 – 8PM EST

Breaking Through with Georgiann - Interview with Susan Miller

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You may know Susan Miller because you read your monthly Susan Miller horoscope on her award winning website, or maybe you read her monthly columns in InStyle, CosmoGirl, or Eve Magazines. There is a chance you caught one of her television appearances on Good Morning America, CNN, Access Hollywood, CBS Early Show, CNBC’s On the Money, The View, Last Call with Carson Daly, Entertainment Tonight, 20/20 or E! Add to this incredible list that she is the best selling author of six books translated in several languages, including my personal favorite, “Planets & Possibilities”.
Tune in and learn why Susan Miller is one of the most beloved, trusted and popular astrologers of our time!
Click here to visit Susan Miller’s website or Click here to learn more about obtaining your own personal chart.

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