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Healing from Afar

This Week on Breaking Through  - Inna Segalinnasegal
November 30, 2010 – 8PM EST

Breaking Through with Georgiann - Interview with Inna Segal

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We have a special treat this week!
International energy healer, Inna Segal, joins us from Australia.
Inna states, “I understand that distance is no barrier to healing. This has allowed me to engage in healing work with people from all around the world, tuning into the mental, emotional, physical and energetic causes of their disorders and life challenges. I realized that I was helping people connect to their own divine intelligence, an intelligence which enabled them to heal.”
Inna realized that the best way to help others, was to teach them to heal themselves. Thus the Visionary Intuitive Healing® was born.
Join Georgiann and Inna in this amazing episode of Breaking Through with Georgiann and gain some insight on how you can begin to heal your own body.  Until then, click here to learn more about Inna and her book, “The Secret Language of Your Body.”

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You CAN Achieve the Life You Deserve

This Week on Breaking Through  - Barbara Joyebarbarajoyce
November 23, 2010 – 8PM EST

Breaking Through with Georgiann - Interview with Barbara Joye

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We are stuck where we are in life because of the limiting beliefs we have about ourselves.
You can break free from limiting beliefs and create a shift in your life allowing you to create and live the life you deserve and dream of.
Barbara Joye, The Shift Guru, assists individuals in understanding and then shifting their self-sabotaging beliefs.
Through her radio show, “Thank God It’s Friday” on, workshops, seminars, and private sessions, Barbara assists individuals, audiences and groups to challenge their perspectives or beliefs, and in so doing, shift their non-supportive beliefs, and live the life they deserve.
Join Georgiann and Barbara and learn some ways you can begin creating your shift to the life you deserve.

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Do you believe in miracles? John of God

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It was an amazing story years ago, and it is still amazing now.  John of God – A humble, loving and faithful man who has a purpose to heal anyone and everyone – free of charge.

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True Stories of Hope, Courage and Inspiration

This Week on Breaking Through  - Lynne Klippellynneklippel
November 16, 2010 – 8PM EST

Breaking Through with Georgiann - Interview with Lynne Klippel

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Have you ever been at a point in your life when you just didn’t think you could take it anymore, when you’re ready to give up or give in, or when you just don’t have the strength to deal with the challenges?

As Lynne Klippel sat in the sun on her front porch in March 2009, she wished she had a book to send to her brother to read during his chemotherapy treatments – something to remind him that he was not alone and to encourage him to fight for his life. It was a heart-wrenching time when three members of her immediate family all had cancer at the same time, along with a dear friend. Furthermore, she says, “It seemed like everywhere I looked, I saw tragedy. Other friends were losing jobs and fearful about the prospects of finding new work. The evening news was full of financial scandals, plant closings, kidnappings, and war. I wanted a book that could also give them hope, inspiration, and encouragement on every page!”

Klippel gathered the first person accounts of 38 people who faced tremendous personal tribulations, and then turned them into triumphs–thanks to their persistence, strength and faith. The result was the remarkable Overcomers, Inc, True Stories of Hope, Courage and Inspiration. This #1 bestseller features the extraordinary first-person accounts of 38 inspirational people who relate their empowering stories of triumph-over-adversity, providing a roadmap to others on how to navigate from the darkness to peace, abundance, success and light.

Click here to visit Lynne’s website.

Join Georgiann and Lynne as they discuss life’s tragedies and personal triumphs.

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New Dating Site – Discover Love By Your Aura Color

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