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My Book – The Soul’s Bridge


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Georgiann Kiricoples‘ life may be compared to the song, “From Both Sides, Now” by Joni Mitchell.  Kiricoples was four years old when that song was written, and little did she know it would later become her mantra.  This book builds a bridge between religion and the paranormal or metaphysical, which has been the story of her life.  This book explains how she found common ground between both worlds.

The adopted daughter of a Greek Orthodox priest and presbytera, Georgiann Kiricoples had her first paranormal experience as a teenager, and thus began her interest in the metaphysical world. Hearing a psychic on the radio made her more determined than ever to explore her intuitive gifts. She honed her skills working directly with well-known psychics, then proceeded to build a successful career in the entertainment and business management fields.  In her first book, Kiricoples follows the common thread of extrasensory occurrences from stories she has heard about family members to her own firsthand experiences. Always an independent thinker with unwavering curiosity, she demonstrates a commitment to continual growth and learning, expanding her knowledge and interests to include the realm of natural health. This volume offers fascinating insights into the paranormal world that will intrigue not only the uninitiated reader but also the person who is interested in further exploring his or her gift of “seeing.”

 Georgiann Kiricoples worked as an executive assistant to a celebrity radio psychic in the early 1990s while traveling the Top-20 radio market. She is the founder and owner of an entertainment and business management company, Kirico Inc. , which began operations in 1996. She is an associate member of NARAS (National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences) from 1997 to the present. She has hosted an Internet radio show, Breaking Through, since 2007, on which she proudly interviews high-profile guests.  She is a top-rated business advisor, and she is included in the book Talk Radio Wants You: An Intimate Guide to 700 Shows and How to Get Invited by Francine Silverman. Now she adds “author” to her list of credentials, and she will also resume her role as a professional speaker