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Are You Fearless?

This Week on Breaking Through  - Jacqueline Walesjaqueline
January 25, 2011 – 8PM EST

Breaking Through with Georgiann - Interview with Jacqueline Wales

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Remarkably successful people understand the importance of leveraging key resources for supreme results. The Fearless Factor is the silver bullet of success.

Leveraging The Fearless Factor entitles you to tackle challenging terrains with clear insight and decisiveness that gets results. Whether it’s learning how to get out of your own way, the new promotion you’re seeking, or the fresh initiative you want to implement within your company, The Fearless Factor is the catalyst for that change for those who want to fulfill their potential.
At age 9, Jacqueline Wales learned how to motivate people while sitting on the steps of her tenement building in Scotland advising neighborhood children how to stay out of fights.
The skills of negotiation, focus, discipline and commitment  she developed throughout her life are the strengths that Jacqueline brings to her work as a speaker, author and coach.
Join Georgiann and Jacqueline and say yes to the most important asset in your life…YOU!
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