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What If You Could Skip The Cancer?

This Week on Breaking Through -Katrina Boskatrinabos
December 22, 2009 – 8PM EST

Breaking Through with Georgiann - Interview with Katrina Bos

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Meet Katrina Bos: Author of “What If You Could Skip the Cancer?” a documented account of her personal relationship with Cancer. Why is a cancer diagnosis a death sentence for some and a life-changing opportunity for others? What allows some people, when given weeks or days to live, to be happy and healthy for decades to come? Most importantly, what lessons can we learn from those who have beaten illness, so that we can live happily and healthily without ever having to get sick? Graduating with Honours in Mathematics, majoring in Combinatorics and Optimization, Katrina Bos deepened her knowledge base to include psychology, philosophy and Eastern Spiritual studies. She is also a recognized counselor, Yoga/Meditation instructor,  and speaker.

Katrina has devoted over twenty years to helping individuals create a more peaceful, balanced and healthy life. Through her workshops, seminars, and writings as a columnist for the Goderich Signal Star, Katrina focuses on the importance of an uplifting mindset of fun and a sense of wonder.

Her open style and thorough expertise enables Katrina to deepen our understanding of intimidating topics and subject matter such as: connecting with Mind, Body and Spirit in every moment, transitioning into The Age of Aquarius, Quantum Physics and how it relates to everyday life, understanding Group Dynamics to create a more powerful team interaction and achieve significant results, healthy parenting and social living, demystifying God, and enjoying truly Loving Relationships.

What if you could Skip CancerWhy do we get cancer? Is it all just carcinogens and unlucky genetics? The answer is no.

What If You Could Skip the Cancer? Katrina Bos delves into the underlying reasons why some of us get cancer while others do not, and explains many of the mysteries of why we get sick.

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“This book contains the wisdom, gained from Katrina’s personal experience, which can guide one to true healing and the physical benefits that come when one’s life is healed.”  - Bernie Siegel, MD

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  1. GeorgiannNo Gravatar Says:

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    Also Check out Real Water by Affinity; and may buy Ph test strips at local pharmacy…or search on internet.

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