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The New Think and Grow Rich

This Week on Breaking Through -Ted Ciuba tedc
August 10, 2010 – 8PM EST

Breaking Through with Georgiann - Interview with Ted Ciuba

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“Living legend” and bestselling author of The NEW Think and Grow Rich, Ted Ciuba is one of the world’s top human potential trainers.Ciuba took Napoleon Hill’s acclaimed public domain success classic and modernized and empowered it for today’s audience.Mentor’s Magazine calls him “Napoleon Hill for the Modern Age”.Indeed, even in it’s original form Think and Grow Rich is hailed as…”The book that launched a Million Millionaires!”The 13 named principles of The NEW Think And Grow Rich is just a part of the principles Ciuba teaches and trains to empower individuals and organizations to Think Rich, so they can actualize the success that can be theirs.Once you discover the Laws to wealth, you can learn certain techniques to activate and apply them to your own wealth quest.Once you get in on the Secret, success is no more difficult than twirling the dials on a safe a few times.
Join Georgiann and Ted for a riveting hour of entertainment.
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