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Soul Essence Channeling with Pamela Aaralyn

This week on Breaking Through -Pamela Aaralynpamela
July 8, 2009 – 8PM EST

Soul Essence Channeling

Breaking Through with Georgiann - Interview with Pamela Aaralyn

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Indigos are born into this world in order to live as examples of a higher level of awareness. They have a delicate balance of female and male energies, and are incredibly astute and aware of their surroundings; in fact, most are born highly intuitive/psychic. Presently, many indigo personalities are children. It is rare to find people with indigo life colors above the age of twenty. They are highly evolved, extraordinary individuals, who may hold a genius-level IQ. These individuals are bizarre, sensitive, honest, strong-willed, and aware of themselves as well as those around them (almost to a fault). On the negative side, they can be stubborn, refuse to admit their faults, occasionally reclusive, and overly sensitive.

For her 2nd appearance on Breaking Through, Pamela Aaralyn will speak about Michael Jackson’s indigo aura and her gift of Soul Essence Channeling.

For more information, click here to learn more about Pamela Aaralyn and how you can obtain a personal reading.

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  1. Debra Key NewhouseNo Gravatar Says:

    Let me start by saying I have been a long time client of Pamela’s. Pamela has been with me during good times and bad, and has used her incredible gifts to guide me through each step needed. Even when things are going well, I like to check in with her as she keeps me honest with myself. Do yourself a favor and make an appt with Pamela. You will never regret it. And let’s all hope Georgiann has her on the show again soon!

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