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Journey Through the Light and Back

Next Week on Breaking Through -Mellen Thomas -mellen
April 20, 2010 – 8PM EST

Breaking Through with Georgiann - Interview with Mellen-Thomas Benedict

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In 1982 Mellen-Thomas “died” from a terminal illness and lived to tell about it. His miraculous return to life is one of the most well known and loved NDE stories in the world.

While on the “other side” Mellen journeyed through several realms of consciousness and beyond the “light at the end of the tunnel”. He was shown in holographic detail Earth’s past and a beautiful vision of mankind’s future for the next 400 years. He experienced the cosmology of our soul’s connection to Mother Earth (Gaia), our manifest destiny, and was gifted with access to Universal Intelligence.

Since his near-death experience, Mellen-Thomas has been gifted with the ability to go back to the light, or Universal Intelligence, at will to receive insights, guidance and inventions, enabling him to be a bridge between science and spirit. With humor and depth of feeling he shares his experience and insights.

He brings back a message of hope and inspiration for humanity, delivered with a joy and clarity that is refreshing. His depth of feeling and passion for life is a gift to be shared.

Listen to Mellen-Thomas’ inspiring message and click here to visit his website.

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2 Responses to “Journey Through the Light and Back”

  1. Pankaj PatelNo Gravatar Says:

    From Pankaj Patel
    I appreciate you asking Mellen Thomas Benedict my question about our purpose and what destiny we would want and if we could choose it. All I wanted to do was ask important question that anyone would ask if they went through the same near death experience that Mellen did. You know, that Mellen Thomas asked the light that, why do we grow old and did? And I would think just as you or anybody would ask the question, that my main point was to ask the most important question that would elaborate on the same questions that Mellen asked the light and I appreciate you asking him my question. He is such an interesting person, I think he really is god who is expanding god through all of us the way he saw it. I also cannot wait till his two books come out and If you get more information or can get more information to when they will be out, please e-mail me. THANK YOU

  2. Denver ChiropracticNo Gravatar Says:

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