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Find your Life’s Purpose through Astrology & Tarot

Breaking Through with Georgiann - Interview with Pat DumasPat Dumas

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Find your Life’s Purpose through Astrology & Tarot

Astrologer and tarot reader Pat Dumas joins Georgiann to discuss Astrology and the tarot and how they are powerful metaphysical tools that help you tap into your subconscious, discover your purpose on this earth, and embrace your hidden talents.

Pat is a certified Astrologer, Kabbalist, and accomplished Intuitive Tarot Card reader of nearly 40 years.  Discussion will include her career as a reader and how the combination of Astrology and Tarot Card Reading is beneficial.

Her first real love is reading tarot cards, but she feels Astrology helped her to discover who she is and why she is here.  She is able to provide all kinds of astrological services for her clients, from straightforward natal chart interpretations through astro-mapping, herlove is karmic astrology because it helps the client to understand themselves and their soul’s purpose.

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One Response to “Find your Life’s Purpose through Astrology & Tarot”

  1. Debra Key NewhouseNo Gravatar Says:

    Pat was so brilliant! I love to hear her voice – like it was made for radio or television. I hope you’ll be having her on again sometime. Perhaps some of us could send in our times and places of birth ahead of time, and Pat could discuss charts on a show. Or maybe she could explain what the different houses are about. Whatever she does, I know I will be there to listen to her. Just brilliant!!

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