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Healing the Heart of the World

This Week on Breaking Through -Catriona MacGregor -catriona
July 06, 2010 – 8PM EST

Breaking Through with Georgiann - Interview with Catriona Macgregor

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Do you know who you are and why you are here?

Do you know what your mission in life is?

Are you aware of the daily guidance from your soul?

No matter how great your outer success is, if you do not know the answers to these questions, you might feel that something is missing in your life.
A visionary bridge builder between nature and humankind, Catriona MacGregor helps people connect to nature and their own spirit through vision quests, shamanic journeys, spirit animal discovery, and nature-based coaching. She is a wise woman who weaves her many life experiences, spirituality, and intuition into a tapestry of hope.

Learn more about Catriona on her website here

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From Algae to Oil

This Week on Breaking Through -Riggs Eckelberry -riggs
May 18, 2010 – 8PM EST

Breaking Through with Georgiann - Interview with Riggs Eckelberry

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Imagine being able to take algae and turn it into a source of renewable oil.OriginOil, Inc. is developing a breakthrough technology will do just that. Did you know that much of the world’s oil and gas is made up of ancient algae deposits? OriginOil’s technology will produce “new oil” from algae, through a cost-effective, high-speed manufacturing process. This endless supply of new oil can be used for many products such as diesel, gasoline, jet fuel, plastics and solvents without the global warming effects of petroleum.

In this episode, Georgiann is joined by Riggs Eckelberry. One of the inventors of the Company’s breakthrough technology, Riggs Eckelberry brings his veteran technology management skills to the alternative energy sector. As President and COO of CyberDefender Corporation from 2005 to 2006, he was instrumental in building the company and its innovative product line, helping to achieve initial funding and a public company filing (CYDE.OB).

Click here to learn more about Riggs Eckelberry and algae-based oil

This is going to be one information packed show! Don’t miss it!

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Change the World One Gift at a Time

Next Week on Breaking Through -Deron Beal -deron
May 04, 2010 – 8PM EST

Breaking Through with Georgiann - Interview with Deron Beal

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It all began with a single email from one man to his friends. Today it’s in over 85 countries.At the time Deron Beal founded The Freecycle Network™, he worked with a small nonprofit organization, RISE, which provides recycling services to downtown businesses and transitional employment to Tucsonans in need.
freecycleThe Freecycle Network began as a simple thought to get rid of unwanted junk without throwing it away. That vision remains true today.

The Freecycle Network is made up of 4,885 groups with 7,017,000 members across the globe reusing items that still have life left in them. It definitely gives true meaning to, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.”

Join Georgiann and the founder of The Freecycle Network, Deron Beal, as together they discuss the importance of getting rid of landfills and the power in regifting useable items.

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Earth Day 2010 – Love Our Planet

YouTube Preview Image


Today is Earth Day!  In honor of our great planet, watch this beautiful 3:55 minute video.  

Viva la Vida by Coldplay is playing in the background.

Let’s make this one less day we take the beautiful planet for granted.

Make a conscious effort to Reuse, Recycle, Restore today!

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Ready, Set, Green: Eight Weeks to Modern Eco-Living

This week on Breaking Through - Meaghan O’Neill -MeghanONeill
January 26, 2010 – 8PM EST

Breaking Through with Georgiann - Interview with Meaghan O'Neill

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Meet Meaghan O’Neill, editor of and  TreeHugger just celebrated five years and O’Neill played a key role in launching the site, which now receives about 4 million hits per month. She recently launched a book, “Ready, Set, Green: Eight Weeks to Modern Eco-Living” and has made a difference in the lives of so many TreeHugger readers.

The time to save the planet is now

readysetgreenReady? Set? Green! Living green means reversing climate change, but it also means protecting your kids and pets, improving your own health, and saving money. And it doesn’t necessarily demand a radical overhaul of your life-just some simple adjustments, such as switching to healthier cleaning products and driving fewer miles each week.

Including advice on how to properly insulate your house, cancel junk mail, and choose fruits and veggies wisely, Ready, Set, Green will help you change the future of the planet and restore balance to your daily life.

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